Frequently Asked Questions

What is H₂O Industries flooring made from?

Our flooring is made from closed-cell PE/EVA foam. Our unique blend offers a high-quality finish that is super practical and offers a flooring solution that is a cut-above standard marine carpet and other flooring solutions. Each foam piece also has an adhesive backing, which makes self-installation very simple.

How to install EVA flooring?

  1. Clean the flat surface with isopropyl alcohol or acetone and let dry completely before applying.
  2. Before peeling off the backing paper, lay out the EVA Tread pieces over the desired location to ensure adequate fit – masking tape down the sides of each piece to ensure correct positioning of each piece before commencing.
  3. Fold up one side of the piece to peel back the 3M self-adhesive backing just enough to secure that side down into position. Apply firm pressure from middle of the piece to outside edges to ensure adequate adhesion.
  4. Then repeat on other sides, applying firm pressure from the middle of the piece to the outer edges to avoid any air bubbles – Not recommended to apply then pull off to re position, as this will significantly reduce the effectiveness of the adhesion.
  5. If applied on a flooring surface, walk on the surface to ensure adhesion in all areas.

How to clean EVA foam?

One of the main benefits of an H2O flooring solution is how quick and easy it is to clean! We recommend cleaning any spills as soon as possible with warm, soapy water. Fore more stubborn stains, a hose or pressure washer can also be used.

Will my H20 Industries flooring be covered by warranty?

Definitely. Please feel free to download our Care, Installation & Warranty Manual here.

Do you ship Australia wide?

We sure do. Get in touch with us here and we can happily help with your enquiry.

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