About H₂O Industries

Born From the Water

As the name suggests, H₂O's heritage hails from water. Operating as part of Stejcraft Boats, we have been cutting, molding, designing and fitting EVA flooring for over 10 years. 

We're now proud to be bringing our experience and all the benefits of PE/EVA foam to you as an individual operation! This means that we can offer a much greater variety of services, such as creating and fitting molds for other boats, caravans and more.


H₂O Industries - born from the water, made to fit your lifestyle. 


What Are The Benefits?


There are so many practical benefits to PE/EVA foam. From being non-slip and waterproof, to being robust and durable, right through to being super simple to keep clean!


From the bow of your boat to the lid of your esky, PE/EVA foam's versatility offers so many options. The level of detail in customisation also means that our expert team can easily include your logo or custom designs as part of your order.

Look & Feel

At the end of the day, we all want to look good and that's one of the amazing benefits of PE/EVA foam. Rather than a standard marine carpet or caravan flooring, we can help you stand out in a crowd and be the envy of your friends & family.